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Legal Cost Control can help you achieve peace of mind by reducing your accounting and legal costs and fees. Our audit and legal fee review services have been designed to help lower costly legal and accounting fees. Contact us today to find out how we can help you!


Mission Statement

Legal Cost Control, Inc. assists corporations, government entities, bankruptcy courts, insurance companies and individuals in the management, auditing and reduction of legal and accounting fees and bills. Legal Cost Control is committed to economical legal cost and matter management through innovative approaches designed to meet client needs at minimum cost. Our staff is focused on client service and product quality.

LCC Stands Alone in Saving Clients Billions in Legal Fees

The Attorneys and Legal Cost Reduction Experts at Legal Cost Control, Inc. (LCC) have been performing legal audit and bill reviews since 1985. LCC has been an industry leader in employing Legal Auditing, Legal Bill Review, Enterprise Legal Management and Legal Matter/Case Management processes and strategies to provide its clients with reduced legal billings and increased accountability and predictability with regard to Legal Spend. From 2005 through 2014, LCC has saved clients a total of $2.9 billion or 17% of overall legal bills submitted through electronic billing (e-billing).

Legal Cost Control Attorneys stand alone in providing Expert and Fact Testimonies in litigation nationwide. LCC has been named a Court-Appointed Fee Auditor/Examiner in United States Bankruptcy Court. In fact, LCC's President was a member of the Enron Bankruptcy Fee Committee - the only Fee Auditor/Examiner to ever be so appointed. LCC provides Expert and Fact Analysis and Testimony in Legal Fee Disputes and Fee Shifting Cases.

LCC's review process utilizes electronic billing (e-billing), Peer Review techniques (attorneys reviewing the bills and work product of attorneys), a Database Repository of Legal Billings (containing over $35 Billion in legal bills), and Enterprise Legal Management technologies to review and ensure that billings are reasonably and necessarily incurred. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art, Simple Invoice Management System (SIMS) allows domestic and international law firms to electronically submit legal invoices for processing and payment, saving clients valuable time and resources. LCC's Enterprise Legal Management software offers an innovative and efficient solution for corporate legal departments, general counsels (GCs), chief financial officers (CFOs), claims professionals, insurance companies, government entities and third party claims administrators (TPAs) to track their legal matters and costs through increased use of data analytics and metrics.

LCC can transform your legal or claims department by eliminating unnecessary work and spending and targeting specific areas for growth, which will allow for more informed decision making and improved communication and collaboration with your company's important legal partners

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