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John J. Marquess, Esquire is universally credited with “inventing” Legal Auditing in the mid-1980s.

Mr. Marquess is the President of Legal Cost Control, Inc., (“LCC”), which historically analyzes in excess of $60 Million each month in Legal and Professional billings.  These billings arise from some of the largest law firms in the world, representing corporations such as Microsoft, Pfizer Inc., Fannie Mae, Abbott Lab, Wal-Mart, KIA Motors, GlaxoSmithKline, Mylan Pharmaceutical, The Hartford, Jones Lang LaSalle, McAfee, Turner Construction, HealthSouth, Sompo Japan, PrivateBancorp and the Welding Defense Group, along with the biggest bankruptcies in history including Enron, WorldCom, Delphi and Adelphia.

LCC is an “attorney-driven” company that also employs MBA's, CPA's, IT Professionals and Paraprofessionals.

LCC's Professional staff has been in the Legal and Accounting Cost/Spend Management arena since the 1980's.

LCC personnel have reviewed, analyzed, consulted, negotiated and acted as the Fee Expert in some of the largest fee cases in history, including:

  • Enron - $1 Billion in legal and accounting fees
  • Adelphia - $563 Million in legal and accounting fees
  • Delphi Corporation - $357 Million in legal and accounting fees
  • Welding Defense Group - $172 Million in legal fees
  • Microsoft Antitrust Litigation - $60 Million in legal fees
  • Turner Construction - $57 Million in legal fees
  • Fannie Mae Corporation - $25 Million in legal fees
  • HealthSouth Litigation (Richard Scrushy) - $32 Million in legal and professional fees
  • WorldCom - $350 Million in legal and accounting fees
  • Dow Corning Breast Implant Litigation - $250 Million in legal fees
  • Motorola Ground Water Contamination Litigation - $30 Million in fees
  • Heller Financial Services Legal Electronic Billing Project - $150 Million in legal fees
  • Lone Star Industries Litigation - $30 Million in legal fees
  • Shiley Heart Valve Litigation - $100 Million in legal feeslegal fees
  • UV Industries Litigation - $50 Million in legal fees
  • UTC Industries Litigation - $50 Million in legal fees
  • RTC Litigation - $500 Million in legal fees
  • OCF/C&F Asbestos Litigation - $650 Million in legal fees
  • Center for Claims Resolution Asbestos Litigation - $100 Million in fees

LCC attorneys have written Billing and Case Management Guidelines for many of the nation’s largest corporations, insurance companies and government agencies, including Enron Corp., the United States Department of Justice, Turner Construction, Heller Financial Services, Procter & Gamble, State Farm Insurance, Motorola, Owens Corning Fiberglas, the Resolution Trust Corporation (“RTC”), and the City of Chicago. 

John J Marquess is the most quoted expert on legal cost control issues and billing ethics issues.  See, e.g., THE HONEST HOUR, Professor William G. Ross, Carolina Academic Press, 1996. 

LCC attorneys have conducted Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) Seminars for lawyers and judges referable to the Ethics of Legal Billing, including the following:

  • Enron Law Conference, “Ethical Issues on Legal Billing” (TX & NY CLE)
  • American Bar Association
  • Philadelphia Bench-Bar Conference - U. S. Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun attended, U.S. District Court Judge Norma L. Shapiro was a panelist
  • Pennsylvania Bar Association
  • Ohio Bar Association
  • Oregon Bar Association
  • Association of American Law Schools (“A.A.L.S.”)
  • Risk Insurance Managers Society (“RIMS”)
  • Large Law Department Counsel (“LL.D.”)
  • American Insurance Association (“AIA”)
  • Association of Georgia Defense Counsel
  • Pennsylvania State University, CLE, Billing Minefields of the 21st Century and Beyond

LCC is the only corporation with international Legal Bill Auditing experience and expertise.  Law firms from the The Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa have submitted billings to LCC through its Legal Electronic Billing system.  LCC processes invoices in native currency or converts the invoice as required by the client.

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