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Legal Cost Control's Senior Staff joined the corporation with a diverse range of prior experience and expertise in law, accounting, statistical analysis, information management, organizational management, electronic discovery, performance measurement, cost control and legal auditing. A number of our staff initiated the legal cost management revolution in 1989 when the concept of law firm accountability had yet to be crystallized. Since that time, our staff have educated, published, chaired committees and testified on a range of issues related to retrospective and prospective legal spend management and law firm performance issues.

John J. Marquess, Esquire has long been the “go to” guy for companies seeking ways to improve their management of outsourced legal work.  Although he practiced litigation since 1977, during the 80's John was consistently sought out to provide opinions and recommendations regarding methods companies could use to reduce the cost of, or improve co-management with, outside counsel.  In addition to writing retention documents and billing guidelines for these companies, John worked with them to establish processes to improve legal performance measurement and quality control.  The “legal audit” was borne of these efforts as were improved standards for legal auditing, legal invoicing and benchmarking.  John has been retained as a Fee Expert and testified more frequently, and in a greater variety of forums, than any other auditing or legal fee expert. 

John has mentored numerous other members of LCC's Senior Staff who have emerged as recognized experts in legal fee auditing and the management of both internal and outsourced legal services and legal auditing.  These principles have been expanded to the accounting profession due to the addition of our forensic accounting and forensic legal auditing professional staff.  The following are profiles of some achievements of our Senior Staff:

  • Applied our experience within the pharmaceutical industry to participate in the development of a long term cost reduction program for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company.  Assisted client in recognizing areas requiring improved enforcement of their existing instructions for counsel and modifying the materials to improve change management opportunities. Client has met its cost savings goals for 2008 and is continuing to identify opportunities to integrate LCC into its business, including applying cost initiatives and legal auditing to intellectual property and trademark matters.

  • Applied our process planning expertise to assist client in establishing a program for monitoring and managing of non-U.S. law firm fee agreements.  Client's goal was conversion of the data to U.S. currency for forecasting and improved spend management, as well as high level management reporting.

  • Prepared to testify in Federal Court litigation by reviewing legal fees and expenses under an indemnification agreement.  The engagement and auditing required the classification of covered and non-covered legal activity.  Once redacted entries were subject to “un-redaction” under court order, these materials were classified also and identified a significant percentage of charges that were not indemnifiable and/or not reasonable on other bases under existing case law.  A favorable settlement was reached on Client's behalf.

  • Provided opinion on the reimbursability of fees and expenses generated by forensic accountants and tax accountants, general accountants and internal and external auditors on behalf of multiple clients from both public and private sectors. Clients were able to reduce prospective fees based on credits obtained from LCC review and legal audit of retrospective invoices.  Client was also able to establish improved cost management processes. 

  • Assisted Client in managing cost of document production and related document management in litigation involving millions of documents requiring archiving, analysis, use in the litigation, and production to multiple parties. LCC established a best practice model for staffing, scope of responsibility and clarification of what is and is not billable in the creation of the document management repository, maintenance, use, conversion of the documents into electronic format and production processes. 

  • Headed team of auditors engaged on behalf of defense team in national mass tort litigation.  Legal Auditors reviewed emerging invoices for compliance with the defense team instructions and assure that National Coordinating Counsel, Regional and local counsel functioned within their scope of responsibility and avoided overlap and unnecessary fees and expense.  Cost management and legal auditing leads to significant efficiencies and legal cost reduction over life of litigation. 

  • Assisted a Fortune 500 company whose staff was dissatisfied with the lack of savings recognized by the company's purchase of an e-Billing program under a multiple year contract.  LCC agreed to work in conjunction with Client's existing program and conducted legal audits of invoices uploaded to this program.  LCC also provided technology support to facilitate migration of the “to pay” amounts on emerging invoices to the Client's AP department.  Client recognized legal cost savings working with LCC after 2 years of unsuccessfully using the e-Billing product of another company. 
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