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LCC's IT team "pioneered" electronic billing systems (eBilling) by the mid 1990's. LCC developed and implemented a true "wire-to-wire, web-based, paperless system" for its clients. This innovative system allowed clients to process legal billing, and subsequently accounting billing, without having to purchase software.

LCC's eBilling system, Simple Invoice Management System (SIMS), is a complete web-based solution. The benefits of LCC's SIMS system include:

  • Clients and their law firms are not required to purchase software.
  • Law firms do not have to change or acquire new time and billing or eBilling packages. To implement an electronic transfer, firms present invoices in a standardized electronic-format, generated by their existing legal billing system via LCC's web base Invoice Submission System (ISS).
  • LCC's SIMS eBilling system provides an automated line by line analysis. This is accomplished by comparing each line item against established guidelines and charge structure rules.
  • There are no implementation costs, license fees, management fees or upgrade charges associated with LCC's SIMS web-based eBilling system.

In the analysis phase, our legal experts re-review each line item for accuracy. This is necessary because artificial intelligence or automated programs can not read a word description and make a subjective decision whether it is a vague description or a truncated entry . Our competitors rely on UTBMS codes, fixed dollar amounts, rates, or text searches. LCC combines automated technology and subjective analysis, providing an in-depth analysis that far exceeds the capabilities of our competitors.

After the analysis is complete, clients decide if outside counsel will have access to the reports and have an opportunity to comment on the analysis. LCC's approval system allows clients the option of including outside firms in the review process before initiating payment on the billing invoices.

As a final step, LCC provides an A/P interface to help clients automate payment to the firms. In addition, LCC also provides a Case Management interface or a custom interface to any proprietary system.

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