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Legal Cost Control will assist in the development and establishment of effective billing guidelines. Guidelines will be tailored to your needs and business environment. Initially, Legal Cost Control's staff reviews existing guidelines for enhancement and development purposes. This is the first and most important step toward instituting a cost management program. When diligently enforced through invoice compliance reviews, guidelines provide for significant savings, ensure firm accountability and improve firm communication and reporting.

Custom guidelines are tailored to the client's needs. Legal Cost Control analyzes the billing practices of a client's firms, identifying billing patterns and issues for discussion with the client. From the issues revealed through this analysis and through consultation with client representatives, effective guidelines are then drafted and implemented.


  • Are an absolute necessity. Strong guidelines provide a basis for significant savings and helps ensure firm accountability. They also provide firms with notice of expectations regarding fees and disbursements that are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Provide the client with an agreement regarding the basis for any future billing adjustments.
  • Put the firms on notice regarding any client reporting responsibilities, authorization requirements, or other activities necessitated by client needs.
  • Gives you direct input into managing and authorizing how your dollars are spent, thereby insuring efficient, economic and effective processes.
  • Opens lines of communication between the client and its law firms regarding the handling of individual matters.
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