Much like each client and case is unique in itself, every law firm has a unique set of needs and requisites when it comes to legal billing guidelines. While many law firm services can indeed be standardized across industries and regions, particularly when it comes to legal billing, there’s no end to the exceptions to that rule.

Generic American Bar Association billing guidelines provide a helpful startpoint for many small and mid-sized law firms to begin billing their clients and building client relationships. But as law firms grow and client lists expand and begin to include other law firms and legal services providers, controlling legal spend and avoiding attorney overbilling becomes a matter best left to custom billing guidelines.

Custom billing guidelines offer the flexibility law firms need to deal with a range of clients across different industries, offering to pay for their legal fees in a diverse forms and combinations of these forms. The team at Legal Cost Control can provide assistance in developing these custom billing guidelines, fit for a law firm’s unique and specific practice áreas and business profile.

Certain vendors and suppliers may offer favorable alternative fee arrangements for payment in kind, or in services rendered. Large and complex legal matters can create conundrums in lawyer billing ethics. And it’s much easier to track compliance of custom billing guidelines made specifically for your firm and staff.