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Matter/Case Management System

LCC’S Matter/Case Management System allows you to efficiently manage your matters and effectively optimize relationships with outside counsel. We can help manage the singular requirements of departments large and small. Our matter management support team can help you to fully realize the benefits and the potential of this system which is designed to work within your unique business process.

Some of the features of the Matter Management system are:

Convenient Interface

  • Access your matter and all related data from one place. Dashboard metrics, Invoices, Timekeepers, Documents, Budgets, Events, Notes
  • Save your custom searches for future use
  • Use our standard Quick Find filters for quick access to data - Export the data to an excel spreadsheet
  • Add matters to your watch list and view them under My Matters

Matter Management Customization

  • Customize your Matter setup with unique labels, choose which fields to display, specify visibility attributes, and whether data should be required
  • Customize standardized fields like Case or Matter Type, Jurisdiction/Venue, Insured, Losses, Outcomes, and Cost Centers
  • Create power custom fields that allow users to specify data types, cascading controls allowing sub-values, and dynamic conditional controls
  • Set preferences to control notifications, matter rate management, and firm assignment

Microsoft Outlook plug-in

  • Track and watch your most important matters directly from Outlook
  • Add, search, or edit matters
  • Drag and drop email correspondence, or attachments independently from emails, or both into the matter document repository directly from outlook

Matter Document Storage Management

  • Store Case and Matter documents, including emails, can be stored and accessed from anywhere you have internet access
  • Organize documents using keywords for ease of access
  • Upload multiple documents “on the fly” using compressed files. Our Case Management system will separate the files for you


  • Create automatically setup budgets when a matter is added
  • Set defaults to budgets when new matters are added
  • Enforce budget requirements before invoice submission
  • Create automatic e-mail notification to Budget Authorizer when new budget submitted
  • Create automatic notification to all Budget stakeholders (client authorizer, firm, administrator, etc.) when budget limits are approached
  • Set optional restriction of invoice submissions until budget is approved
  • Set optional restriction of invoice submissions when budget thresholds are exceeded

Form Management

  • Create custom forms to control data submission requirements for certain groups within your organization or from outside vendors/firms
  • Collect needed data from custodians both within and outside your organization

Interface with 3rd party systems

  • Interface with different types of 3rd party systems both input and output
  • Automate and interface with registered agent services for your subpoenas
  • Interface with service of process partners’ (SOP) platforms retrieving and downloading all PDF versions of all your documents in real time


  • Manage your timekeepers and rates at a matter level
  • Approve or disapprove timekeepers for discreet matters
  • Authorize rates for discreet matters

Event Calendaring

  • Schedule an event based on a case or matter status or future date
  • Setup default events to be applied to new cases or matters
  • Require a response when the event takes place
  • Receive an invite for your email calendar for date scheduled events
  • Receive a notification when event triggers and is complete
  • Notify system and non-system users of events
  • Apply events to multiple cases or matters for efficiency


  • View matter metrics and performance
  • View custom reports based on unique data requirements
  • Schedule auto delivery of reporting/metrics to the right person at the right time

Cost Center Allocation Management

  • Customize cost centers according to your accounts payable requirements
  • Specify the percentage allocation for each cost center associated with a matter

Manage Unassigned Matters

  • Create, monitor and/or manage matters that will not be outsourced

Manage Litigation Matter Status and Contacts

  • Track status and progress in Arbitration, Mediation, Litigation, Pre-Trial, and Trial
  • Log details of relevant persons, companies, insureds, parties, internal and external relationship trails
  • Add and View Matter Journal Notes and Key Events/Calendar

Team Builder

  • Build teams and assign to matters to help keep users simultaneously abreast of matter status changes and events by automatic notice
  • Option to include personnel who reside outside of the system to keep them informed

Automatic Case Assignment

  • Assign cases to selected firms in seconds
  • Set up cases automatically in the Matter Management System
  • Automatically notify selected firm of case assignment
  • Automatically notify firms of required next steps
  • Transmit relevant on-hand documents
  • Option to automatically set default budgets


  • Collect accruals on a case or firm basis
  • Automatic follow up on Accruals during open window
  • Simple to use
  • Custom export of roll up data to end user

Legal Hold

  • Automatic notice to all custodians with required Legal Hold notice
  • Automatic follow-up notices to custodians
  • Document repository for any culled documents
  • Identify, track and monitor internal staff’s case/matter ‘ownership’ , scope of responsibility and results obtained

Managed Service Provider - Active Matter/Case Management Program

Legal Cost Control’s Active Case Management program provides a platform for organizations to transform their in-house legal department into an efficiently-run business unit. Legal Cost Control partners with in-house corporate legal departments to meet important Case Management goals, and as a by-product, contain costs. Combining LCC’s Attorney Peer consulting services with cutting-edge technology is the key to implementing a successful Case Management Program. Allowing Legal Cost Control to support Case Management allows your attorneys to focus on important legal matters, while we handle the details of seamlessly transforming your legal department into an efficient operation.

In order for a case management system to be effective and efficient an active manager must be involved from day one. It is crucial to dedicate personnel to manage the day to day requirements of any case management system, to ensure success. The efficient and effective management of legal matters requires diligent attention, there are no shortcuts.

Unlike many providers of legal matter management software, Legal Cost Control knows, through nearly 30 years of experience, that technology alone is not the solution. A robust and effective approach necessitates both technology and attorney/administrative involvement. Software is only a solution when paired with experienced and detail oriented management partners, internal or external.

Legal Cost Control’s “Simple Invoice Management System” (SIMS) allows customers to use features such as Electronic Billing (E-billing), Budget Management, Timekeeper Management, Rate and Timekeeper Controls, Document Repository, Advanced Data Analytics and Metrics, and Customizable Reports, among many other tools. Furthermore, Legal Cost Control can leverage these features, in conjunction with our Attorney Expert Consulting services, to provide your company Case Management oversight and control, including the tracking of outside legal spend. You benefit from Legal Cost Control’s proven track record of actually saving time and money, and in improving firm accountability.

The goal of an efficiently operating legal department is within your grasp when partnering with Legal Cost Control. By allowing Legal Cost Control to provide an additional layer of due diligence to your company’s management of the day-to-day details of effective case management (active case management), your professional staff can concentrate on the legal business of your company. A partnership with Legal Cost Control will help you achieve effective oversight combined with detail oriented management, and will transform your legal department into a more effective and efficient organization.

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