Legal Cost Control is the foremost company in conducting analysis of legal & professional billings. With over 35 years of history, Legal Cost Control is led by its President, John J. Marquess, Esq., universally credited with the creation of legal auditing in the 80s.

Today, Legal Cost Control oversees legal bill reviews of billings exceeding $80 Million monthly, from world-class companies such as McDonalds, Turner Construction, Microsoft, Pfizer Inc., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, JP Morgan Chase, Honeywell, KIA Motors & GlaxoSmithKline, among many more, and is a provider of diverse Legal Spend Management & Matter Management services. Utilizing advanced technologies, data analytics, dashboards and active collaboration.  These technologies allow you to monitor unlimited metrics simultaneously, allowing instant status of matters/cases and legal bills.  Legal Cost Control has acted as legal fee expert in cases exceeding a total $4.5 Billion in legal and accounting fees.

Legal Cost Control is also a provider of Continuing Legal Education (“CLE”) Seminars referable to the Ethics of Legal Billing. Legal Cost Control also has unique international legal bill auditing experience, including law firms from across all five continents submitting billings to Legal Cost Control via our legal eBilling platform.



The Legal Cost Control team offers an array of Legal Fee and Spend Management services, Legal Audit services and Legal Bill Review services to clients & their outside counsel. Legal Cost Control can provide expert and factual legal testimony regarding legal fees. In addition, Legal Cost Control has served as a legal fee examiner in corporate bankruptcy cases, provides legal service assessments, and performs legal billing guideline reviews & custom outside counsel guidelines.

Legal Cost Control also offers modern and effective legal eBilling solutions, offering clients a web-based invoice management system capable of processing all forms of legal bills in a unified, electronic format, which Legal Cost Control then subjects to exhaustive artificial intelligence & subjective analytical review.

Regardless of specific practice areas, Legal Cost Control can help clients with their legal fee management and provide insight into your legal spend analytics and metrics.