SAMPLE OF MATTER TYPES: Defense of Severe Product Defect Claims and various claims against Local, City, State and Federal agencies and entities


NATURE OF ASSIGNMENT: Analyzed emerging legal invoices (fee and expense entries) from law firms to determine if they were billed in accordance with client guidelines, accepted industry practices or benchmarks; were being performed at the appropriate staff level; and were reasonable in relation to the type of work being performed. In addition, LCC attorneys determined, analyzed and reported any anomalies, irregularities, and other observations as appropriate. LCC prepared and submitted final invoice payment recommendation reports to the client. As in other assignments, LCC also reviewed consultant and expert invoices in addition to the invoices of many vendors engaged for a range of purposes in this litigation.

OUTCOMES: 3% reduction since program inception. Total legal fees = $131 Million.

CHALLENGES: This Insurer was created specifically as a result of claims made in the cleanup of the 911 World Trade Center site. As a result, this was a very high profile client. In addition, this client was a consortium of private, federal, state and local entities. As a result, the main objective of the program was not reducing legal fees but instead was due diligence and transparency. LCC acted as virtual staff to the client providing data, reports, advice and consulting on the reasonableness and appropriateness of the legal fees submitted for reimbursement. Program savings were never an objective or focus of this program.