Alternative fee arrangements are a popular and often mutually beneficial solution for law firms and professional firms to come to an understanding. However, not every alternative fee agreement is actually a “good deal” for all parties involved. The devil lies in the details, and only a billing guidelines & fees expert can assess whether a proposal is truly fair and equitable.

Legal Cost Control is an industry leader in validating alternative fee arrangement proposals from the client’s perspective. When considering exchanging legal services & corresponding legal fees for any kind of alternative manner of payment, Legal Cost Control provides an in-depth billing review & billing analysis that determines if a proposal is in fact aligned with your company’s financial best interests.

Legal Cost Control weighs a number of factors when evaluating an alternative fee agreement proposal. A business considering an alternative fee arrangement must first think of its own financial and business needs, its own business culture, budget & cash flow. Legal Cost Control takes all these factors into account before giving a final recommendation.