Legal Cost Control’s expert fee auditors can perform an exhaustive on-site review. Accounting audit services are available to clients & their accounting firms upon request.

The Legal Cost Control team carries out a careful comparison of all file contents against submitted professional bills, conducting an expert bill analysis capable of identifying problematic billing practices, comparing invoices against outside counsel billing guidelines, customary and reasonable billing standards, ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility Formal Opinion on Billing for Professional Fees, Disbursements and Other Expenses and relevant case law.

The Legal Cost Control accounting billing review determines reasonableness of professional fees, verifies that each billed product is in the corresponding file, and verifies documented costs and expenses. These are some of the issues detected by a Legal Cost Control accounting auditing on-site review:

  • Overbilling (Billing for time in excess of what was actually spent)
  • Duplicate time charges
  • Over-staffing – proper utilization of personnel (e.g., unauthorized multiple attendance; multiple drafting and revision of documents; billing for supervision; multiple accountants billing for document preparation; excessive file reviews; accountants billing for performing secretarial functions at accountant rates)
  • Recycled work product – billing more than one case or client for the same hours spent
  • Inefficient procedures (e.g., cryptic invoice descriptions; excessive minimum time charges; bundling of described functions)
  • Rounding of time charges
  • Charging for overhead (e.g., heat, ventilation and air condition, routine postage, local travel, office supplies, etc.)
  • Mark-up on miscellaneous costs and expenses.