Legal Cost Control offers clients a broad range of bill processing & payment options for its services. While some clients choose to seek more active involvement in case & matter management affairs, most of our clients prefer to bring in Legal Cost Control to perform specific services or sets of services, preferring to maintain certain tasks or steps in the legal spend management & invoice review process in-house.

To that end, we encourage clients to retain any combination of the legal services & law firm services provided by Legal Cost Control, in a tiered, flexible package fit for the specific needs of their business.

The tiered private label package includes a breakdown of specific tasks that the client has chosen to perform, and specific tasks the client wishes Legal Cost Control to perform. Among the tasks to be selected from are the following:

  • Set up of client internal approval process
  • Set up of law firm data
  • Set up and management of outside counsel billing guidelines
  • Import of data & transactional documents into system
  • Legal bill review
  • Review of law firm response to analysis
  • Submission of final to pay report
  • Management  reports
  • Legal spend management
  • Custom interfacing with proprietary case management software

Read about some of the work we’ve performed for high-profile clients in tiered programs here. An alternative fee arrangement may also be negotiated.