Legal Cost Control is the proud home of an IT team that “pioneered” development of electronic legal bill systems during the mid-90s. At Legal Cost Control, one of the world’s first fully-functional “wire-to-wire- web-based, paperless” systems was developed and implemented for use by its clients, free of charge.

Ever since, Legal Cost Control has remained committed to helping clients to fully digitize their legal bill systems, lower their legal fees & expenses and reduce their environmental impact.  This was achieved through the use of cutting-edge technology combined with invaluable professional expertise.

Whether a law firm operates with paper invoices or a proprietary e-Billing software, Legal Cost Control has solutions to enhance efficiency and manage legal spend more effectively. Clients can use Legal Cost Control’s Simple Invoice Management System (“SIMS”) exclusively, or in addition to any custom software already implemented at their firms.

Legal Cost Control’s powerful legal e-Billing system is capable of parsing any and all legal invoices swiftly and accurately. It allows firms to process their legal billings and subsequent accounting billings without using additional legal e-Billing software. This allows for an additional level of oversight, uncovering billing issues and simplifying the process of tracking guideline compliance at the same time.

Legal Cost Control’s SIMS system affords clients its dashboard with attendant analytics and accompanying metrics.