The complexities of law firm billing procedures makes legal billing fertile territory for human errors to accrue into costly affairs. Line item billing and line item accounting allows for all parties to conduct a legal bill analysis that sheds light on any possible over billings, billing inconsistencies or billing errors. But an effective legal bill review demands a trained, experienced eye and the best tools in the business.

Many legal analytics firms offer automated legal bill review solutions, often based in artificial intelligence algorithms. At Legal Cost Control, the SIMS eBilling Platform provides access to such tools, but when it comes to processing a massive line item invoice, there is no room for error. A Legal Cost Control billing review guarantees a team of legal experts conducting an exhaustive re-review of each line item for total accuracy.

This legal bill analysis process is necessary, since artificial intelligence is incapable of processing word descriptions or making the many subjective calls needed to parse vague wording or truncated entries.

Competitors focus on UTBMS codes, fixed dollar amounts, rates and text searches. Legal Cost Control combines the benefits of automated technology with the power of subjective analysis, far exceeding the capabilities offered by the competition.

After the analysis is complete, clients decide if outside counsel will have access to the reports and have an opportunity to comment on the analysis. LCC’s approval system allows clients the option of including outside firms in the review process before initiating payment on the billing invoices.