As corporations grow larger and more consolidated, and as regulations become ever more detailed and cumbersome, corporate legal departments & outside counsel face increasing pressures. Modernizing workflows is the natural strategy to remain competitive. The IT revolution has affected legal practice deeply, and continues to do so.

Legal invoices have long been subsumed into legal e-Billing. And while admittedly, the benefits of legal billing software and automatic bill payments have been countless, as with any technological revolution, issues of compatibility are bound to arise.

Large firms, large vendors, and a number of other clients, partners & their outside counsel employ all manners of legal e-Billing solutions, from a proprietary, in-house case/matter management system to subscription-based cloud billing services. Legal Cost Control guarantees customized compatibility in every case.

Legal Cost Control offers customized billing API interfaces for any proprietary systems clients or their counsel may have implemented, as well as any necessary case management interface required for particular matters. Any legal bill format can thus be processed through the SIMS eBilling Platform.