Legal e-Billing is the logical solution to the complexities of legal billing and the cumbersome process that is invoice management. Paperless, clean and efficient, legal e-Billing can help keep legal spend under control and help counsel adhere to guidelines. Yet, implementing a solution, or licensing a solution from a third party, can end up a very costly endeavor.

Legal Cost Control offers its clients and partners complete access to its own proprietary legal billing invoice management system, free of charge. The Simple Invoice Management System (SIMS) is a full-featured, web-based ebilling hub developed with the needs of professional firms and legal services providers in mind.

Continuously updated, the expert IT team at Legal Cost Control keeps the Simple Invoice Management System sharp and fully compatible with browsers, platforms & proprietary billing software. Regardless of the medium and format, SIMS processes legal invoices with precision and expediency.

Here are some of the many upsides to implementing SIMS:

  • No software purchase is required. Legal Cost Control clients & their outside counsel don’t need to acquire any new software to implement SIMS.
  • Legal Cost Control’s Invoice Submission System (ISS) eliminates the need for changing a law firm’s time and billing system or e-Billing software. Legal invoices need only be presented in a standardized electronic format, generated vía the web-based ISS and their own extant legal billing system.
  • Through SIMS, Legal Cost Control provides automated line-by-line legal bill analysis. Individual line ítems are compared against outside counsel guidelines and any charge structure rules.
  • Legal Cost Control charges zero implementation costs, licensing fees, management fees or upgrade charges for use of the Legal Cost Control SIMS web-based e-Billing system.