In legal matters of small and large businesses, proper legal case management is of the essence in order for in-house legal departments to operate at peak efficiency, as any other unit in a business should. By and large, the matter management and case management determine both the legal efficacy and the financial efficiency of in-house legal departments.

To that end, Legal Cost Control provides two distinct solutions, each offering a different degree of involvement in matter management: the Legal Cost Control Matter & Case Management System, and the Legal Cost Control Active Matter & Case Management Program.

Matter & Case Management System

The expansive Matter & Case Management System enables in-house counsel to organize & optimize outside counsel guidelines to better manage outside counsel relations in general, while handling all legal matters with efficiency and precision, meeting any singular needs deriving from the nature and operation of your business.

The Legal Cost Control Matter & Case Management System provides powerful benefits across dozens of areas directly impacting your legal spend management. The Legal Cost Control Matter & Case Management System has an intuitive interface, providing access to metrics, invoices, timekeepers, documents, budgets, events & notes, with customizable matter management data and matter rate management, matter document storage management, form & budget management and custom interfaces for 3rd party systems.

Active Matter & Case Management Program

The Active Case Management Program allows businesses to totally transform your in-house legal department through Legal Cost Control-supported case management, freeing your in-house counsel to deal with important legal matters while Legal Cost Control handles the technical side of things. It’s a step further than the Matter & Case Management System, delivering far more effective results.

Through the Active Case Management Program, Legal Cost Control ensures a diligent, efficient and effective management of the day-to-day requirements of both the case management system and the business itself, from a legal management perspective.

Most legal matter management software solutions rely entirely on technology to manage outside counsel, in-house legal matters and legal spend management. The team at Legal Cost Control understands that direct human involvement is crucial to delivering optimal results. Software is only a solution when accompanied by professional expertise and detail-oriented management strategies.

In essence, the Active Case Management Program adds a layer of due diligence to your company’s day-to-day case management, so your professional staff can better concentrate on your company’s legal affairs.