No matter what area of practice a firm specializes in, managing legal spend is paramount to providing efficient, ethical legal services to clients. Whether you manage your legal invoices by hand or use legal spend management software, nothing can replace the precision of a detailed line-ítem legal bill review by an expert, providing state-of-art tools including an intuitive dashboard, exhaustive analytics and comprehensive metrics.

Legal management must strive to control legal spend, both to ensure compliance with billing guidelines and to avoid costly and time-consuming legal fee disputes that diminish client relationships. Legal Cost Control provides legal spend management auditing services that improve legal bill review processes, reduce costs and allow for better data and metric driven decisions.

Legal Cost Control can receive legal billings and fee applications in any format, including electronic, disk, paper and any other custom bill formats. Legal Cost Control then proceeds to convert all legal billings to a uniform electronic format, at no additional cost to clients.

Legal Cost Control can also audit existing billing guidelines & outside counsel billing guidelines, identifying inefficient billing practices and making recommendations that reduce legal spend. Legal Cost Control has ample experience creating standardized & customized billing guidelines for a variety of law firms & accounting firms.

Legal Cost Control utilizes a fixed fee structure, an economical and predictable fee basis. LCC can provide its services in a tiered flexible solution, fit for every client.