Every modern corporate legal department understands that controlling and managing  legal spend is a top priority when seeking to establish positive, durable relationships with clients & other firms. And legal spend management begins and ends with legal billing guidelines. From efficient billing practices to proper guideline compliance, outside counsel guidelines determine much of a firm’s spend management.

Billing guidelines must be flexible enough to comfortably adapt to a myriad different cases & clients. They must also include provisions for alternative fee arrangements, as well as clear, concise language with no room for ambiguity. Any legal billing software employed must allow for sufficient legal bill review in order to assure guideline compliance. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The expert team at Legal Cost Control provides a professional law firm billing guidelines review to quickly identify troublesome language, vagueness and ambiguity, impractical billing habits and a host of other common and uncommon mistakes and inefficiencies. An exhaustive guideline compliance review sheds light on what departments and areas are red flags most often.